Causes and treatment for hair loss

On average, people lose about 10% of your hair during a resting phase. Then, after about three months, the resting hair falls out and new hair starts to grow. The phase of hair regrowth usually takes two to six years, the growth of hair on half inch per month. The interesting thing is that up to 90% of the hair on your head is growing at any given time.Hair loss is a normal process. In fact, on a normal day, you would lose about 100 hairs a lot more if he were really a significant hair loss. However, hair loss is usually associated with men, but women can go through hair loss. The cause of excessive hair loss can be a number of things. For starters, if you have had major surgery or illness, you may lose more hair for the next three months it normally does because of stress.Another common cause of excessive hair loss is due to hormonal changes in the body.  
This in itself could be several things like having a baby, in front of an overactive thyroid or sub, estrogen or androgens out of balance, and so on. Second, certain types of medications can also cause hair loss. In this case, once the drug is stopped, the excessive hair loss usually also stops. 
 The most common culprits are blood thinners, chemotherapy, excessive vitamin A, antidepressants, gout medication, and birth control pills.So if you have a fungal infection on the scalp can also find hair loss than usual. Finally, the underlying disease can also be a challenge. For example, if you live with something like diabetes, lupus or other autoimmune disease, excessive hair loss is common. Remember to take the right medication to treat the problem, hair growth returns to normal.While some types of hair loss are genetic, you can do some things to help slow or stop the process. For starters, wear your hair in braids, ponytails, or hot rollers, which tend to pull the hair and stretch to the breaking point. Also, if the hair follicles are inflamed, it can cause excessive hair loss. In this case, have the permed hair, colored or treated with hot oil can be harmful.  
The key here is to have a professional work on your hair, use professional and safe product.If hair loss is extreme and I've tried everything I know to eat healthy to use good hair care products, but nothing works, you can visit your doctor. First, he or she will look at what is happening with your body to see if the drug, infection or disease could be the problem. Otherwise, blood tests can be done for a closer look at a possible cause. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe certain medications such as hormone imbalance or antibiotics for an infection.  
Other than that, you will find a lot of products on the market that can help maintain the current amount of hair and, in some cases, help them grow.

Can women hair loss makes me totally bald?

See the diagram only affects women. Hair loss in women is not the same as hair loss in humans determined by heredity. Hair loss in women is temporary and rarely an advance warning of baldness. Transient loss of hair should not, however, be ignored. It is possible that a woman suffering from hormonal hair loss leading to baldness.
Some of the most common causes are:1. Pregnancy
2. Severe emotional stress
3. Under medical treatment
4. Hormonal hair loss

Is there a relationship between hair loss and menopause?

The most common cause of hair loss is low thyroid function, which is common in postmenopausal women.Other causes include, but are not limited to: changes in hormonal levels, increased testosterone, increased stress, which can be either a physical or emotional stress, stress, various drugs scalp / dermatological issues and inheritance.

Whenever called sudden hair loss, consider the events that took place up to three months before the hair loss, as factors affecting hair loss can often take up to three months to have an effect or has been diagnosed with something new in the last month? It has started to take drugs in the last month? Have you had a traumatic experience. Thereafter, treatments for hair loss should be given at least three months to have significant effects.

Of course, there are many ways to solve hair problems, such as:1. Wig / toupe
2. Hair-weaving (weaving in extra hair)
3. Hair transplant
4. Cosmetic hair treatment courses
5. Therapy

There are only a few products available worldwide that have been conclusively proven to fight against hair loss. They are Aminexil, Alopesan 400 Maxilene, Minoxidil and Finasteride. It is very important that you as a consumer to know what is going to take action against your hair loss. Rogaine is one of the most popular brands in the industry of hair loss.